Includes admission to Friday evening's reception and both conference days, including reserved front-and-center seating and express mail delivery service of credentials.

Patron tickets allow us to grow by investing in international speakers, state-of-the-art conference facilities with larger capacities, and higher production values.



Includes admission to Friday evening's reception and both conference days.

Standard tickets accurately reflect the price of producing the conference from year to year.



Includes admission to Saturday and Sunday only, but not Friday evening's reception. A limited quantity are available.

This tier is subsidized, and do not cover the purchaser's share of production expenses.

They are offered in good-faith to community members who have challenging financial circumstances, such as full-time scholarship or unemployment.



Day passes will be available starting October 1, capacity permitting.

Day passes are offered for those who wish to only attend one day of the conference, and do not include entry to the reception.


Horizons 2018 has a budget of $80,000 and costs $67 per attendee per conference day to produce, and its only source of revenue is registration sales.

All funds go directly to the conference's hard expenses, and the board members and directors of Horizons Media, Inc. are not compensated.

Please purchase a Standard or Patron ticket unless you face extraordinary financial hardship, such as unemployment or full-time scholarship.



Horizons tickets are sold in three tiers, on the honor system. Please choose the tier you are most able to afford.

All Patron and Standard tickets include entrance to all programming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Horizons is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational charity.

Our goal is simply to share knowledge, create dialogue, build community and break even.

We try to make the conference as affordable as possible while maintaining professional standards.

Registration prices have increased slowly over the years in order to support larger audiences and higher quality production.

The conference has no funding beyond ticket revenue.